This is a hypertext prototype on Giacomo Leopardi's dialectical method seen through various theoretical frameworks, starting with Adorno's essay "Keeping one's Distance" from Minima Moralia. Eventually, the project will perform several contexts in Leopardi's thought in which he reflects upon and practices the dialectical method, in particular in his collection of fragments, the Zibaldone. This was my first time experimenting with Twine and I am mostly employing graphesis as interpretive commentary and making connections between different strands of thought. The interactive elements in this early version are limited to prompting the reader to  discover relationships between concepts.


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Hi there’s a picture of a birds shadow caught on a window city in the upper floors of an abandoned urban industrial building with lead paint chipping from the walls and later afternoon oversaturating. The bird shadow is serendipitous or incidental or sparrow please pretend I linked it thank you for writing this 💎🛌🏻🌠

Thank you for the feedback and the interesting image!